Silva Roxy Expresso Blend Whole Bean


Roxy – Espresso Blend

Roxy is a traditional Italian espresso blend of Central American coffees. Those new to the espresso game may find themselves asking, just what an Espresso Roast? Simply put, an Espresso Roast is coffee roasted in a way that tastes good when used to make an Espresso. Espresso refers to an Italian method of brewing coffee where extremely hot (but not boiling) water is forced under pressure through a small amount of finely ground coffee. Therefore espresso beans or roasts are named for the process, and not the other way around.

Roxy Espresso Blend is roasted at a slightly higher temperature for a longer duration than our other roasts. Other lighter roasts from Central American regions are then added and blended with this base. The goal is that when the shot is pulled, the result is an espresso with an intense dark chocolate flavor and slight citrus zing with a heavy, silky mouth feel.

A popular misconception is that Espresso Roasts can only be used to make espresso. This is only true if your coffee is already pre-ground. If you are grinding your own beans simply grind Roxy Espresso Roast at a medium coarseness and run it through your auto drip maker or pourover. . .delizioso!

Notes: Bakers Chocolate – Citrus

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