A symmetrical row of 12 wine glasses filled with the same amount of wine of different wine varietals

Your Favorite Wines From Around The World

Stock and Barrel located in Seneca, South Carolina, will connect you to the wines of the world.  Our European inspired location is the perfect place to browse our “wines of the world” to satiate your special tastes that may go beyond the norm.

Whether your taste buds are longing for a Bordeaux from the south of France, a cabernet from Italy or a Chardonnay from Germany, Stock and Barrel will surely have something to satisfy.   Our team is here to assist you in pairing wine with one of our Butcher Shoppe specialties or expose you to wine from far-away regions of the world.

We would enjoy the opportunity to share our “wines of the world” with you, and if you desire a broader selection or certain characteristics, we will be your liaison to source your cravings.

We hope to see you soon.