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Dark Corner – Dark Roast

Dark Corner is a single origin Guatemalan coffee roasted to a dark, full bodied cup. The flavor is robust with hints of smoke and charred marshmallow, and just the right amount of bitterness that does not linger. It’s a no brainer for those that like to doctor up their coffee with lots of cream and sugar. This particular roast is also a camp favorite and has been known to be enjoyed fireside with a little whiskey, rum or sometimes even moonshine (if you know the right folks).

Local folks know about The Dark Corner but many have never heard about this interesting area of South Carolina which is located in the most northern portion of Greenville County. It is relatively isolated with rugged terrain and in the general area of Glassy and Hogback mountains. It’s got lots of history, but is notorious for two main reasons: 1) The folks that resided here during the Civil War era were staunch Unionists and resistant to nullification and secession prior to war and 2) later, during prohibition cash strapped farmers figured out a way to more than quadruple their return on corn crops – moonshine. There is much more history and other findings out there to be discovered but there is no single destination that one could ever visit to grasp the concept of the Dark Corner, you just have to get into the Dark Corner. . .drive its old winding roads, hike its trails and and “feel” it for yourself to truly understand it. A few places to get you started would be the Poinsett Bridge which is on the old road from Greenville to Asheville, NC and also Campbell’s Covered Bridge.

Cupping Notes from Balzac: Berry – Green Apple – Chocolate

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