Bread board reclaimed


Each board is one of a kind, but each board have some standards. They include sealed with cutting board oil, smooth finish, hole for stylist appeal.

Long Boards species of wood. Oaks (Red & white{bur}), Maples (silver, sugar, Birdseye) American Elm, Boxelder, Poplar, Pine and more.

History of wood: HrtlndDesigns salvaged the barn in Otter Tail County Minnesota in 2019. Constructed in 1947, the barn was made from the clear cutting or use of trees that were on the land. Most of the trees started growing in the late 1800s and some as early as late 1700s, early 1800s according to the widths of some species. A conversation in itself, these boards have a history like no other. They make great additions to gift baskets or stand alone. One thing is certain is that they shouldn’t disappoint.

*Measurements vary but typically range:

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